The Anti-Wrinkle
and Facelift Expert

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The Anti-Wrinkle
and Facelift Expert

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The Anti-Wrinkle
and Facelift Expert

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The Anti-Wrinkle
and Facelift Expert

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Equipped with a unique anti-ageing formula called V-Factor, Victoria Facelift presents to both male and female customers across Asia a painless, natural alternative to looking youthful again.

After years of clinical research and trials in the UK, V-Factor has been pegged as a revolutionary breakthrough in the anti-ageing market. Tailored to fit Asian skin, Victoria Facelift’s V-Factor is able to effectively tighten and firm up sagging areas, which most products in the market are still unable to achieve today.

With regular treatments, Victoria Facelift can easily transform dull, dry skin to radiant, fully hydrated, firm, and wrinkle-free!


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Our Testimonials


2020-12-22 Outlet Visited: Plaza Singapura Consultant: Mandy Sik

I used to be bothered by my laugh lines and loose jowl but after 2 sessions at Victoria Facelift Plaza Singapure, with my consultant Mandy, I have noticed so much difference! My skin has improved a lot. Thanks Mandy for making me look younger and more radiant!

Fiona C.

2020-12-11 Outlet Visited: Plaza Singapura Consultant: Mandy Sik

The treatment is good and certainly meets my expectations. The beautician is very patient and has made my skin smoother – almost flawless!

P. Sin Man

2020-10-12 Outlet Visited: Plaza Singapura Consultant: Rene

I enjoy the facial experience at Victoria Facelift. Rena, especially, provided very personalised care with regards to my skin needs. I’m very happy with the results! I can see that my skin has improved after the past 2 months of treatment.

Elizabeth G.

2020-11-03 Outlet Visited: Sun Plaza Consultant: Pearlyn Tee

I’m grateful to Victoria Facelift for transforming me from a client with zero skincare knowledge into someone who knows all of it! Moreover, my skin that used to be dry has started to glow and become much more dewy. I owe it all to the Sembawang Branch Manager, Pearlyn, who has treated me with great care.

T. Kim Choon

2020-12-14 Outlet Visited: Tiong Bahru Consultant: Angeline Chiew

I am very satisfied with the treatment as I can see visible results. Angeline is very professional and I enjoyed every moment of my treatment.


2020-12-11 Outlet Visited: Plaza Singapura Consultant: Mandy Sik

I am very happy with the treatment and products. I am looking forward to even lighter and brighter skin after subsequent treatments.

Joey L.

2020-10-12 Outlet Visited: Plaza Singapura Consultant: Rene

After the treatment, I feel that my facial contour has become more prominent. My skin also feels bouncier.

Susan L.

2020-10-03 Outlet Visited: - Consultant: -

I came to know about Victoria Facelift when browsing the Internet. I am pleased with their services and am happy to be with them. I can see that the skin at my neck is firmer! I hope to get a more prominent jawline as well with further treatment.


2020-09-04 Outlet Visited: Plaza Singapura Consultant: Coey Cheong

My consultant, Coey, is very skillful, polite, gentle, and extremely professional. I’m thankful for her services and I look forward to more sessions with her.

T. Ai Lee

2020-09-11 Outlet Visited: Plaza Singapura Consultant: Rene

在Victoria Facelift做脸部美容,最明显的是看到脸上暗沉的部分变得白皙,不再有一大片的斑。眼睛也提了上来,眼皮不再垂塌。


2016-11-05 Outlet Visited: Sun Plaza Consultant: Celeste

I joined Victoria Facelift in Nov 2016. Celest treated me. She’s very friendly, personable, sincere and has great customer service skills. The other staffs are also friendly, with smiles constantly on their faces – great! The salon is clean – the whole place makes me feel very comfortable. Facial is good, and I can’t wait to see the results. Overall, my experience is excellent here. Thank you!

Y. Pei Shi

Outlet Visited: Sun Plaza Consultant: -

After a few treatments, I can feel that my skin has become smoother. I have fewer blackheads and clogged pores, and my skin is clearer now. My consultant is also very friendly. She makes me feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment.

Karyn L.

2016-10-13 Outlet Visited: - Consultant: Eunice

I have been a Victoria Facelift customer for almost 9 months. During my treatment, the therapists here provided me with valuable knowledge on the condition of my facial skin. The first 5 treatments went well. Once, I had an allergic reaction to a product, but luckily, the therapist had the perfect treatment to treat my allergies. The treatment was called ‘infusion’. After 3 sessions of ‘infusion’ treatment, I could feel that my skin is less prone to allergy. Thank you Eunice and Victoria Facelift.

Ms Choo

2016-10-20 Outlet Visited: - Consultant: Eunice

I have found that the elasticity of my skin has improved. Now my face looks more firm as compared to when I first came for my treatment. I’m looking forward to even more improvements in the near future.

COVID-19 Preventive Measures

Fully vaccinated

For your safety, please check that you are fully vaccinated (inclusive of two weeks after the second dose) before coming to our outlets for treatment. Bring along any documentation that proves the aforementioned.

SafeEntry Check-In

Simply open your TraceTogether App and scan the QR code pasted on our doors, before entering the outlet. Alternatively, you can scan your Token at our counter.

Sanitize hands & check temperature

In order to protect yourself and others, sanitize your hands regularly. If your temperature is above 37.6°C or you are feeling unwell, please notify our staff and refrain from continuing with your session.

Hourly sanitization of outlets

Safety is our first priority. For our environment to stay clean and free of bacteria, our staff ensures that all door handles, counters, and surfaces are sanitized well.

Sterilization of facial rooms
& equipment after each visit

Before a new customer uses our facial room, our staff makes sure the beds are disinfected, and the towels are changed. Previously used bedsheets are also disposed and replaced with new ones. All equipment is wiped with disinfectant.

Thorough cleansing before
serving new customers

Our staff are trained to thoroughly cleanse their hands before attending to any customer. This practice prevents any transmission of bacteria from the previous customer to the new one.

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