Our Story

We’re building a company that starts with YOU.

We craft treatments with your specific ageing skin conditions in mind. You’ll find firming and lifting treatments, eye care, and hydrating treatments customized to your unique lifestyle and habits.

Victoria Facelift was founded in 2014 on the belief that everyone – whether young or old, male or female – deserves to shine. We got started on that by introducing a unique anti-ageing formula called V-Factor, presenting to all across Asia a painless, natural alternative to looking vibrant and youthful again. Gone are the days of excruciating surgeries and injections with side-effects!

Now that you’ve come to us, have a look around or even sign up for a trial. With regular treatments, Victoria Facelift can easily transform dull, dry skin to radiant, fully hydrated, firm and wrinkle-free!

Company Profile

The demand for anti-ageing solutions has grown exponentially in recent years, owing to the desires of image-conscious men and women to combat ageing skin concerns. With the advancements of technology and science, Victoria Facelift now holds the key to long-lasting, youthful-looking skin. As the icon of anti-ageing solutions, we provide an extensive range of award-winning anti-ageing treatments, enhanced by our cutting-edge skin technology and unique V-Factor formulation, that effectively lifts and firms skin to achieve youthfulness and maintain its optimally bouncy, ageless condition.

Our Mission & Philosophy

By providing personalized service, effective products, and continuous innovation to deliver results to our customers, we aim to be the leader in the beauty industry.