4 Reasons Why
You Don’t Have a Slim V-face

Nowadays, a lot of people are very into having a nice V-shaped face like the Koreans, because it makes one look good on photographs regardless of the angle and it also helps one to look good in any hairstyle or neckline. However, is it possible to change our face shape? Is there anything that we can do to get a slim, V-shaped face if we were born with a round face? According to experts, if we want to get that perfect V-face, we must first understand what is it that is causing our face to be round.
1) Bone Structure
Some of you might have been born with bigger facial bones. Well good news is, bigger bone is not the main reason why most people have big round face.
2) Fats on the face
Excess fats don’t just appear on your body. They will also accumulate on your face, giving you chubby face or even double chin, especially if your activity level is low.
3) Water Retention
Poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage will cause excess water to accumulate on the face and body. This will make your face look fat and bloated.
4) Sagging Muscles
As you age, the collagen and elastin within your skin will decrease drastically you’re your skin will no longer be firm and bouncy like before. Loose, sagging skin will make your face look rounder too.
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