5 Skincare Mistakes
That Age Your Skin

When it comes to skin care, many of us, especially ladies, feel that we are pretty good at it. We buy products that our friends rave about, we read online reviews on the latest technologies in town, and we diligently apply masks at home. However, skin care experts say that some common mistakes that we tend to make will cause our skin to age faster instead.
1) Neglect Sunscreen
Many ladies love to apply all sorts of products, but neglect the most basic yet important skin care, which is sunscreen. Some of you might think that staying in the office for the whole day means that there is no need to apply sunscreen. However, computer radiation and even lights in the office will take away the moisture in your skin. If you skip using sunscreen, regardless of how good your skincare products are, problems like fine lines and skin dryness will still appear.
2) Overuse Products
Some of you might think that applying facial masks every day is certainly good for our skin as it keeps our skin hydrated and moisturized. However, skincare experts say that we should not apply masks more than 1-2 times a week, because excessive use will be a burden to our skin and cause our skin pores to clog.
3) Not removing makeup thoroughly
If you do not remove your makeup as thoroughly as you should, residual makeup and dirt will clog the skin pores, causing your skin to age faster in the long run. Sleeping with your makeup on is also detrimental to your skin as it may result in bacteria growth and skin inflammation.
4) Using strong cleansers
Some ladies think that only strong cleansers can thoroughly cleanse and remove all the dirt in the skin pores. However, experts say that cleansers which are too strong will strip your skin of its natural oil and moisture, causing your skin to become very dry. This accelerates ageing and fine lines will appear.
5) Over-exfoliating
It’s tempting to keep exfoliating your skin to achieve that really clean feeling but it is actually highly damaging to do so more than 2-3 times a week because you will end up removing the protective barrier that your skin has. Once that happens, your skin will be exposed to environmental toxins and sun damage, and will age faster and more easily.
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