General FAQ

Do you cater to both men and women?

Yes, our services are catered to both genders. Feel free to browse Our Treatments for more information!

Are invasive procedures involved (i.e., surgery, injections etc.)?

All our treatments do not involve invasive procedures like surgery or injections. We instead rely on natural ingredients and special massage techniques to stimulate the generation of carnosine components, such as collagen and ceramide. Rest assured, there are absolutely no side effects.

What are the prices of your treatments like? Are there extra charges?

Our facial treatments have a price range of $300 to $800. However, if you do not wish to commit fully to a package just yet, we offer promotional trial sessions of $48 each for our 2 most popular treatments: Victoria Powerlift Treatment and R3 ReLift Eye Treatment. Furthermore, our promotional prices are fixed for each treatment. There are no additional charges or add-ons.

To sign up for this, simply head over to Promotion. If you wish to read up more on our services, head over to Our Treatments instead.

Can I try out more than 1 promotion?

Unfortunately, first-time customers can only redeem 1 promotional treatment each. For example, after trying out Victoria Power-Lift Treatment Promotion, you will not be able to sign up for R3 ReLift Promotion. For more information on each treatment, go to Our Treatments; or if you are ready to sign up, go to Promotion to fill up our online form.

Can I move my treatment/package to a different outlet?

Yes, you can. Simply notify the outlet that you are currently at that you wish to make a transfer. Our staff will handle it from there! You may find our outlet contact details at the bottom of the page.

Can I get a refund for a package I am in the midst of doing/have not started on?

Simply contact our staff at 6514 1527 and they will assist you in this matter.