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    Victoria Power-Lift Facial
    Treatment – Signature!

    This intensive treatment delivers our signature V-Factor formula into the deepest dermis layers. Comprising powerful antioxidants and advanced skin peptides, this formula is used alongside state-of-the-art machines to lift, repair, and restore ageing skin from within.

    R3 ReLift Eye Treatment

    Packed with vitamins and other natural ingredients, our antioxidant-rich eye ampoule is massaged into wrinkled, dry areas around the eyes. This treatment not only tightens, firms, and brightens the deepest skin layers to the top-most, but also relieves inflammation.

    HydraMax Treatment

    Especially suited for dry skin, this treatment simultaneously deep cleanses the dermis layers and provides a surge of 1000x hydration to dry parts. Loaded with botanically-sourced ingredients, our formula soothes, calms, and effectively delays skin ageing.


    Forehead Lines

    Do you have the habit of lifting your brows? Well, this can result in the contraction of forehead muscles, leading to the development of long, bold lines across the forehead. These lines can develop even as early as during teenage years! Fortunately, 80% of these forehead lines can be eradicated if given early Power-Lift Treatment, which aids in the restoration and growth of skin cells.

    Crow's Feet

    These clusters of tiny wrinkles around the outer corners of the eyes are one of the most common ageing skin concerns. They are mostly caused by facial expressions of smiling and squinting, developing along the skin’s natural folds over time. A hydration boost and the reproduction of collagen can easily combat these issues.

    Nasolabial Folds

    Age, genetics, loose ageing skin and certain facial expressions can result in the development of these lines that run down the sides of the nose and mouth. Victoria’s Power-Lift Treatment, which intensely mends the deepest layers of dermis, offers about 80% chance of improvement of nasolabial folds.

    Droopy Face

    Sagging cheeks can cause a person to look deflated and flabby. Ageing, sudden weight loss, an imbalanced diet or the lack of exercise can lead to the loosening of facial muscles. Nonetheless, droopy face concerns can be treated simply by repairing the derma layers.

    Loose Jowl

    After years of downward pulling by gravity, the skin can start to lose its elasticity. Loose jowl is the consequence of constant skin pulling, whereby the chin and jawline lose their definition and shape. However, the facial “V-shape” is recoverable with consistent Power-Lift Treatments that revives collagen and hyaluronic acid productions, firming the skin cell walls.

    Double Chin

    Seen on both the young and old, double chins form when fat cells accumulate around the lower face and neck. Over time, skin in that area turns slack and droopy, and the face loses its contour. With Victoria Facelift’s customizable Power-Lift Treatment, featuring tightening and lifting specialities of our unique formula, the shape of the chin can be positively refined over time.


    The first step to knowing what your skin needs is understanding all the in-and-outs of this magnificent organ. As a dedicated body of skin specialists, Victoria Facelift presents to you bite-size, digestible information on your skin. Read on below!

    Our Skin Structure

    The skin is the largest organ of the human body and consists of 3 key layers, namely the epodermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. Each performs specific tasks.

    Ageing Skin: A Never-Ending Vicious Cycle

    As we age, our skin ages along with us. This is accompanied with a reduction in collagen and hyaluronic acid productions. Without professional help, our skin will start to wither and lose its youthfulness altogether.

    Victoria Facelift: Tackling Ageing Skin

    Coupled with the electromagnetic heat waves of our Power-Lift Machines, the active ingredients inside our V-Factor formula penetrate effectively through the skin to reach the deepest layers.