HydraMax Treatment

    HydraMax Treatment simultaneously deep cleanses the dermis layers while providing a surge of 1000x hydration to dry parts. Loaded with botanically-sourced ingredients, our formula soothes, calms, and effectively delays skin ageing.

    Each treatment session will take about 60-90 minutes, inclusive of skin analysis and consultation periods.

    For fast, well-rounded hydrating and anti-ageing results, it is recommended that you enjoy a facial session at least once every 2 weeks.

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    BENEFITS OF HydraMax Treatment

    Injection and Fillers

      • Takes at least 2 weeks to look more natural
      • Stiff and unnatural
      • Freezes facial muscles
      • Possible side-effects: Swelling, bruising & more
      • Pain at injection areas
      • Complexion remains rough and dry

    Hydramax Treatment

      • Instant lifting & wrinkle reduction
      • 1000x Hydration boost
      • Reduce dullness & brighten complexion
      • Stimulate natural collagen production
      • 100% NO side-effects or downtime
      • Relaxing & soothing facial


    Without the need of injections, this treatment can provide the skin a hydration boost of 1000 times, allowing it to stay moisturised for a long time. Incorporating a highly researched skin peptide, known as tripeptide, and other active ingredients, like ceramide and sea grape extract, our HydraMax ampoule strengthens the skin barrier to lock in moisture and restore water-oil balance. Free radicals are also eradicated to soothe any inflammation and delay the onset of skin ageing.

    HydraMax Treatment is especially suited for those with dry skin. However, with that said, people with all skin types are still able to benefit from this treatment and there are no known side effects to this.


    Prior to the treatment, our specialist will perform an individualised in-depth analysis on your facial skin to uncover your potent skin ageing issues.


    During this session, you may share with our specialist what aims and concerns you have. Our specialist, taking your points and the analysis results into consideration, will determine the treatment’s course of action to best tackle your specific skin problems.


    When paired with our specialised massage technique that enhances facial lymphatic circulation, the skin is aided in the absorption of our unique HydraMax ampoule. When successfully penetrated into the deepest dermis layers, the active ingredients within the formula stimulate the production of collagen to strengthen skin barrier, allowing for moisture to stay locked within the skin. 

    The specific issues of concern are treated systematically in this fashion.


    Am I required to buy the HydraMax product series?

    No, you are not required to buy the products.

    However, our anti-ageing products are more catered to your personal skin condition compared to store-bought ones. When used alongside our treatments, these products can push your anti-ageing results to their maximum potential.

    If you wish to check out our HydraMax product series, simply go to Shop Now

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