R3 ReLift Eye Treatment

    R3 ReLift Eye Treatment not only tightens, firms, and brightens the deepest skin layers to the top-most, but also relieves inflammation. Packed with vitamins and other natural ingredients, our antioxidant-rich eye ampoule is massaged into wrinkled, dry areas around the eyes.

    Each treatment session will take about 60-90 minutes, inclusive of skin analysis and consultation periods.

    For fast, well-rounded anti-ageing results, it is recommended that you enjoy an eye treatment session at least once every 2 weeks.

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    BENEFITS OF R3 ReLift Eye Treatment

    Injection and Fillers

      • Takes at least 2 weeks to look more natural
      • Stiff and unnatural
      • Freezes facial muscles
      • Possible side-effects: Swelling, bruising & more
      • Pain at injection areas
      • Complexion remains rough and dry

    R3 Relift Eye Treatment

      • Instant reduction of eye wrinkles
      • Lighten dark eye circles
      • Eliminate heavy eye bags
      • Improve skin radiance
      • 100% NO side-effects or downtime
      • Relaxing & soothing treatment


    Our unique eye ampoule consists of a skin-renewing peptide, known as hexapeptide, and beneficial antioxidants, like seaweed extract, vitamin C, and lemon balm. Building blocks of collagen and elastin fibres, these hexapeptides induce repair of damaged skin cells to combat the root problem of your ageing skin.

    This process not only improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and lock in hydration, but also relieves inflammation and uneven skin tone caused by makeup, making your eyes brighter and more radiant.

    There are no known side-effects to this treatment, and it is suitable for all skin types.


    Prior to the treatment, our specialist will perform an individualised in-depth analysis on the skin surrounding your eyes to uncover your potent skin ageing issues.


    During this session, you may share with our specialist what aims and concerns you have. Our specialist, taking your points and the analysis results into consideration, will determine the treatment’s course of action to best tackle your specific skin problems.


    R3 ReLift Eye Treatment has 3 main goals: Relift – firming, Reproduction – stimulate collagen production, and Rejuvenation – moisturising and brightening. It works as a whole to tighten, firm up and brighten the deepest skin layers to the top-most.

    The eye mask used in this treatment is specially made from bio-fibre – a material that allows the essence in the mask to be fully absorbed into the skin around the eyes, instead of drying out.

    Our skin specialist will simultaneously apply pressure to the face in consistent, circular motions to improve the lymphatic circulation in the face and aid in the skin’s absorption of our eye ampoule.

    The specific issues of concern are treated systematically in this fashion.


    Is there really a need to provide care specifically for my eyes?

    The skin around the eyes is 3 times thinner than that of other body parts and lacks the protection of natural oils. Frequent facial expressions, eye makeup, environmental factors and more can result in the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and even drooping eyelids. R3 ReLift Eye Treatment is a good place to start with for eye care.

    Do you have products that I can use for personal eye care at home?

    Yes, we do! Simply head over to Shop Now  to check out our extensive product range that can help to tackle ageing eye problems, such as wrinkles. Peptide Cica Eye Serum is highly recommended as a home follow-up to your eye treatment.

    How does R3 ReLift Eye Treatment value-add to my personal eyecare regime?

    R3 ReLift Eye Treatment is formulated after intensive research. It uses uniquely created eye masks, technology, and special massage techniques that are otherwise absent in mere eye cream application at home. Visible results can also be readily observed after each treatment session.

    How much does 1 treatment session cost?

    If you are a first-time customer, you may check out Promotion and book a slot of our treatment trial at a super-value price of $48.

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