AGE: 40

“Fine lines, saggy skin & pore blockage”

Daily makeup, work stress and lack of sleep have caused my skin pores to become clogs and complexion to become very dull. Fine lines also started appearing. I was attracted to Victoria Facelift because unlike other facial salons, they specialise in resolving ageing skin problems, which is exactly what I want! True enough, my pores became much cleaner after just a few sessions and fine lines became less visible too! Now that my skin looks really radiant, I am confident to go out without any makeup!

Chooi Mee

AGE: 36

“Dry, sensitive skin & fine lines”

I’ve had dry, sensitive skin since young and have tried all sorts of over-the-counter products, but they didn’t help at all. So, I was really surprised when my skin felt more hydrated and fine lines became less visible right after my first session at Victoria Facelift! Even the skin redness that has troubled me for years was also gone after just a few sessions!

Yee Li

AGE: 45

“Dark circles & double chin”

I’ve always been troubled by my dark circles, round face, double chin. I didn’t dare to go for face slimming surgeries because I’m afraid of the pain and side-effects. Thankfully, I got to know about Victoria Power-Lift Facial. After just 2 months, my dark circles were visible lightened, and my double chin is gone! Now I can’t stop looking at my slim V-face!


AGE: 50

“Wrinkles, pigmentation & saggy skin”

Being in the sales industry, appearance is very important to me, but the wrinkles around my eyes and on my neck, as well as pigmentation made me look years older. I tried many products and facials, but results didn’t last. So, when I tried Victoria Facelift, I was really impressed by them! The wrinkles on my forehead and lines on my neck lightened a lot! I feel great whenever others say I don’t look my age or ask me how I maintain my skin so well!