AGE: 49

“Eye bags, nasolabial lines & saggy skin”

I used to fly a lot and that has made my skin very dry and dehydrated in the long run. Things became worse when my skin started to sag, and wrinkles became increasingly obvious. I went to try out many different facials, but I’ve never done one as good as Victoria Power-Lift Facial. My skin felt tighter and firmer instantly, and fine lines were reduced significantly – exactly what I saw on their advertisement! I really love looking younger than my real age!


AGE: 36

“Dark circles, forehead lines & loose jowl”

Travelling frequently made it very difficult for me to take proper care of my skin. I did make it a point to apply night creams especially when I travel to colder and drier countries, but it didn’t really work anymore after I turned 30. Lines started appearing and my dark circles were very obvious too. My friend told me about Victoria Facelift and I’m glad I gave it a try. My lines are less obvious now and my overall complexion has improved a lot. Many say I look like I’m still in my 20s!


AGE: 35

“Nasolabial folds & double chin”

I’ve always envied girls who had small chins and firm jawlines. It looks very delicate and pretty. I never thought I could achieve this, but after trying Victoria Facelift’s treatment, I have no more envy for others!


AGE: 41

“Nasolabial folds & saggy skin”

My face started becoming saggy when I reached 35, and wrinkles and fine lines were obvious too. That was when I realised that my skin is ageing. I’ve tried various beauty products to improve my problem and finally, I came across Victoria Facelift. Now my wrinkles and fine lines have lightened, and my face is slimmer and firmer. People say they envy me – someone past 40 yet still with supple, young skin.