AGE: 52

“Wrinkles, dark spots & dry skin”

Victoria Facelift earned my trust with their excellent services and effective facial treatments. I love how every session begins with a skin analysis that shows my consultant what my skin needs. My wrinkles, puffiness, and pigmentation are gone, and my face always feels hydrates. Victoria facelift is my first and only choice.


AGE: 49

“Wrinkles & saggy skin”

I see and feel improvements every session here. My skin is now a lot firmer, smoother, and softer – even people around me noticed the difference! I’m very particular about cleanliness and convenience, and Victoria Facelift delivers that while giving me visible anti-ageing results I love.


AGE: 60

“Forehead lines, crow’s feet & saggy skin”

My crow’s feet and forehead lines have made me very self-conscious when taking photos. I didn’t dare to smile for fear that my wrinkles will be very obvious. As a result, I look really fierce in photos. All these years I’ve tried many eye creams, but they didn’t help at all. Amazingly, after my first session at Victoria Facelift, my eye area felt more hydrated instantly and my crow’s feet were visibly lightened!


AGE: 72

“Wrinkles, pigmentation & saggy skin”

Ageing gracefully with good health and great skin has always been my aim so when I heard about Victoria Facelift on Capital 95.8, I was very tempted to try out this lifting facial. I am really impressed by the skills of my consultant as my skin felt firmer and more lifted after every session! My pigmentation and wrinkles also became less visible after a few sessions. Many say that my skin looks really radiant for my age!